LGA’s Chen and Jorjorian Rise to Challenge for Iora Health

 As a designer, trying to walk the line between community and medical environments in one space can be tricky. While one is warm and inviting, the other is typically sterile and, well, medical. Iora Health came to LGA with this challenge - to help create a community senior center with doctors. For the primary care

Green, Sustainable and Regenerative Design Part 2

Green Design: As indicated in the conclusion of part 1 of this article, green design uses green strategies to attain a project that is more energy and water efficient and provides a healthy environment for the occupants. The next part of this article will concern sustainable design. As discussed in Part 1, sustainable design must

Kirk, Jorjorian become partners with LGA

PROFESSIONALS HAVE BEEN WITH THE FIRM FOR 21, 17 YEARS, RESPECTIVELY Lance Kirk and Jason Jorjorian have officially become shareholders with LGA. A project manager for the firm, Kirk has always had a passion for sustainable and environmental design and believes holistic systems are key to sustaining the built environment and designing better buildings. He