Baker Park is located at 1020 East St. Louis Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. The park currently houses the Baker Pool, grass soccer fields, and a playground with picnic elements. The park is located within the Southridge Neighborhood adjacent to the historic Beverly Green Neighborhood, and bordered to the east by Fremont Middle School, which shares use of the grass fields and pool for Physical Education classes.

LGA was contracted in November 2015 to focus on improving Baker Park, providing new field turf and lighting improvements at the soccer area, a new splash pad and new playground. The goals for the project are to:

• Create a recreational destination that activates the community
• Create a fun and exciting environment
• Create a unique identity to the overall park/pool facility
• Create a unique theme that has connection to its place
• Design to be respectful to CCSD and Fremont students and faculty

The major architectural changes to be made on site include the new splash pad, additional shade structures, a new restroom building, a revised parking lot and orientation point for the visitors, and an improved edge between the soccer fields and the pool and park areas.