Originally designed for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (LVCCLD), the Laughlin Library has received critical acclaim from industry peers. Since it opened in 1994, librarians from districts throughout Nevada have visited the Laughlin Library, as it has become a model for staff-effective design, beauty, daylighting and energy performance.

So impressed was the North Las Vegas Library District, they received permission from the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District to replicate this design for their new libraries. LGA was contracted first to re-site a slightly modified design as the Aliante Library, which was heartily received. This success prompted North Las Vegas to enter into a second agreement with LGA to design the Alexander Library. The project filled a multitude of needs for its patrons, from small children just discovering the joy of reading to senior citizens seeking a social environment in which to keep pace with technology and current affairs.

The building program revolved around use of minimal staffing to operate the facility while maintaining visual control from the circulation desk, and a need to keep certain spaces—meeting rooms, kitchen, lobby and restrooms—open to the public after hours. With the request for re-sites of this library, the overarching design theme ensured each re-site had their own responsiveness to the environment, while conforming to design standards.