Successfully designed and completed from 1991-1994, the 240,000 s.f. Grant Sawyer Building provided the State with the opportunity to consolidate 30 different agencies into one facility to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

LGA was tasked to create a flexible facility with an “open-door government feel.”

The design team prepared detailed programs for all the building’s tenants and found opportunities for the differing agencies to take advantage of common conference rooms, hearing rooms, copy areas, restrooms and coffee break areas.

The design created a working grid system for the infrastructure of the building and used this planning module to coordinate a systems furniture approach to give maximum flexibility.

This design approach proved to be a fruitful solution as the governor, prior to the building being completed, reorganized many agencies. This allowed the agencies’ floor plans to be reconfigured to meet those changing needs with minimal disruption of the construction process.

Public hearing rooms were provided at the ground levels and adjacent to the elevator banks on the upper floors to facilitate the ease of wayfinding.