LGA was approached in 1999 by Nevada First Bank to design a new branch to service the rapidly expanding northwest area of Las Vegas. The bank chose a site at Boca Park Marketplace at Charleston and Rampart as an ideal location based on visibility and area demographics which showed a particularly high median household income.

The bank’s primary focus is to provide progressive customer service and startup capital to new business ventures and young entrepreneurs. Nevada First Bank had a strong desire to express this progressive and dynamic vision through the architecture of their facility. The bank’s leaders also expressed a need to reinforce the image of Nevada First as being on the leading edge of banking in the digital age and as the bank of choice for today’s innovative business pioneers. In addition, the bank wanted to explore the potential development of a new branch design as a prototype and new corporate identity for future branches in the Las Vegas valley.

The forms of the building reflect these goals and represent the ever-increasing speed of business and financial transactions in today’s world. The waiting area includes a TV with streaming business and financial news and is provided with phone and data ports for clients to plug in laptops and phones while waiting for a transaction or loan approval. The site was designed to minimize the time for drive-through business and the wing-like canopy serves both as a prominent roadside attractor and a symbol of this new bank’s ambitious aspirations.