At LGA, some of our most satisfying collaborations take place when the client’s goals and values are in alignment with our own. Our work for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Roman Catholic Church in the Summerlin community of Las Vegas is a case in point.

Our relationship goes back to 1997 when we responded to the Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas’ Request for Qualifications for a new parish community center. We were awarded the contract based on its creative merits. The project presented a number of challenges, primarily because the small landlocked site appeared, at first blush, to be inadequate to accommodate the hall’s full range of programs and activities: basketball court, live plays and performances, social gathering place, K-8 school, overflow church, a soccer/kickball field and more.

In our master plan and design, we addressed this issue through overlapping field use, as well as a covered open air corridor system that not only saved money but gave the project its distinctive character.

The success of that engagement led to an invitation to design a new chapel and baptistery for the church leaders, who desired a more intimate setting for daily mass and, due to heavy volume of cross-activities, required additional space to serve parishioners.

The pie-shaped nature of the site, along with numerous building code complications, made this project a challenging one. “It was like designing a watch,” said LGA President Craig Galati. “The pieces had to fit together just so.”

The result was a 3,000 s.f., 250-seat chapel dedicated to the Blessed Mother based on the theme of Mary’s house, plus shrines to St. Jude, St. Anthony and St. Theresa. A 1,000 s.f. baptistery addition constructed at the church entrance allows people entering to connect and reflect upon their baptismal commitments. The octagonal-shaped structure reflects the eight beatitudes to the Charter of the Kingdom.

Additional renovations to the existing sanctuary include the re-lighting and enlargement of the sanctuary, expansion of the choir area, and introduction of a warmer color palette. This multi-faceted facility was completed in 2007.

Over the years, LGA has enjoyed engagements on other church-related projects, including St. Anthony of Padua and St. John Neumann, as well as libraries, museums, parks and visitor centers. Galati appreciates working with like-minded clients who have a strong sense of purpose and are passionate about what they do. “Faith, fellowship, community, the notion of stewardship – it’s all part and parcel of who we are.”