In 2009 LGA was contracted to assist UNLV Lied Library develop a master plan to address a few specific library needs and develop a guide for future phases modifications.

Lied Library opened in January 2001. As is the case in most large public building projects, planning started several years earlier resulting in a design that was already at least four years old by the time the building was occupied. The Lied Library celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011 and shifts in technology and the methods of how information is accessed and utilized drove the need to reallocate and redesign various interior spaces.

The master plan addressed several of the most pressing space needs including adding storage and work space for the growing Special Collections Department. The Web and Digitization Department, also a growing department in the library that had its inception after the original library was constructed, needed a permanent and larger space.

The existing location of the Graduate Lounge was in an area adjacent to Special Collections, a desirable area to grow Special Collections; therefore the Graduate Lounge needed to find a new library location.

Also the master plan was to assess library operations with respect to locations of information and circulation desks. The public spaces were to be analyzed and potentially rezoned to provide locations for quiet study areas and group study areas and rooms. Wayfinding and signage were also a part of the master plan including static and digital displays.

After the master plan was developed and approved, LGA provided schematic design services to renovate and remodel three specific library areas: First Floor Special Collections intake and storage, Second Floor Graduate Lounge, Third Floor WDS and Special Collections Storage. Each of the areas was fully designed and cost estimates were developed.

Construction documents were then created and construction was recently completed by McCarthy Construction which holds the CMAR contract with UNLV for the remodel work.

The concept for the facility was to renovate to provide the appropriate spaces for students and faculty while maintaining connections to the original design.

The graduate student lounge was designed to create a fresh new look that combined traditional study carrels with collaborative and group study. This area was designed with movable wall dividers/marker boards and chairs that allowed the spaces to be customized for different groups. The exiting study carrels were reconfigured and relocated since they were in very good shape. A conference room and more centralized staff areas were created.

The Web Digital Services area is the fastest growing department within the library. Space was created that served the staff better and allowed the technology to be displayed for tours of the library. Special collections are digitized within this department. The space needed to be flexible to allow for both full-time and temporary staff positions.

The multipurpose room will serve as a room for banquets, receptions, workshops, and exhibits. The room is located in the former graduate student lounge and is technologically equipped to accomplish many multimedia events.

LGA is currently working with the Lied Library to analyze the public spaces including zoning of uses, upgrade of infrastructure, finishes and furnishings to meet the current and future space requirements.