Rhett Nosek

Rhett Noseck is an Intern Architect and serves as a Project Designer for LGA. Rhett obtained a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Pepperdine in 2000 and received his Masters of Architecture from UNLV in 2013.

Rhett has an interesting career having started the company Complex Solutions, Inc. in 2000 to prepare Reserve Studies for Homeowner’s Associations. To help fund the start up, Rhett performed in the Buccaneer Bay Sea Battle at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and then performed in the Sirens of TI production as a Pirate. Following his performances Rhett founded Lost Boy Productions, LLC which took him to such exotic locations as St Maarten, Netherlands; and Qatar. Rhett also is the co-owner of Tresselworks, LLC a wood shop specializing in custom furniture.

Rhett brought his varied and unique experience to LGA in 2014.


Once I landed in Las Vegas I spent the majority of my spare time honing the craft of fine woodworking. This has been my favorite hobby for as long as I can remember. I might drive my wife, Tara, crazy with the loud power tools in the garage, but she tends to like the result when she gets a new piece of furniture. My English Bulldog, Mia, is the perfect shop dog, while Zoe the Chihuahua steers clear from being stepped on. For fun, I like to make spontaneous trips to the lake, ocean, mountains or Mexico to windsurf, ski, mountain bike, and eat carne asada tacos. I have always believed that the best path into the future is striving to conquer all my own fears.


A good site with interesting geography, deep history, elements that are conceptually interesting, and a client that is excited to explore all the possibilities.


The number one thing on my bucket list is… I must sail around the world (at least once) before I die.
I walked away from a broken neck.
I don’t have a spleen.
I’ve been rescued at sea more than once.


FRIENDS – Family, traveling, sailing, skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, wind, water, waves, woodworking, and new projects.

FOES – Complaining, wasting time, and blame.


“Well done is better than well said.” – Ben Franklin